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App Store 10th Anniversary: The AppStories Interview Series

As Federico explained yesterday, we knew from the earliest planning stages of our coverage of the App Store’s 10th anniversary that we wanted to include interviews with the developers and designers of apps and games we love. We do interviews periodically on AppStories and knew it would be the perfect way to let the people whose lives have been affected by the App Store tell their stories in their own words. Over the course of this week, we will post one episode of AppStories each day featuring interviews on a wide variety of topics that complement the in-depth stories you can read here on MacStories.

If you haven’t subscribed to AppStories yet, you can do so with the links at the bottom of this post or listen here in your browser using the embedded players below. As new episodes are published this week, we will update this post with the latest interviews.

I hope you enjoy these conversations as much as we did recording them.

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Episode 69 - An Interview with Ryan Cash and Harry Nesbitt of Team Alto

Federico and John are joined by Team Alto members Ryan Cash and Harry Nesbitt.

Episode 68 - Interviews with Michael Flarup and Marc Edwards

Federico and John interview Michael Flarup and Marc Edwards about iOS app design.

Episode 67 - An Interview with Zach Gage

We are joined today by independent game developer Zach Gage the creator of hit games like Ridiculous Fishing, SpellTower, Really Bad Chess, Typeshift, Flipflop Solitaire, and Pocket Run Pool to discuss the App Store’s effect on gaming.

Episode 66 - Interviews with Becky Hansmeyer and Heidi Helen Pilypas

An interview with Becky Hansmeyer, the creator of Snapthread, and Heidi Helen Pilypas, the designer of Stamp Pack and the upcoming Capsicum.

Episode 65 - An Interview with Marco Arment and David Smith

We interview Marco Arment, the creator of Instapaper and Overcast, and David Smith, who has many apps including health and fitness apps such as Pedometer++, Workouts++, Activity++, and Sleep++, about building sustainable businesses over the past decade of the App Store.

Episode 64 - An Interview with Craig Hockenberry and James Thomson

In our first interview of the week, we talk to Craig Hockenberry of The Iconfactory and James Thomson, the creator of PCalc and DragThing, about the earliest days of the App Store.

Episode 63 - App Store Storytime

To kick things off, Federico and John tell some of their favorite personal stories about apps and the App Store.

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