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2000 iMac Compared to the iPhone 4

1o years in tech are a huge amount of time. Things change in a few weeks, can you imagine the changes that can happen in 10 years? That's why a user over at Ars Technica's forums tried to compare the old iMac (2000) to the current iPhone.

As you can guess, it's a strange feeling. Take a look at the specs after the break.



Operating System - Mac OS 9.0.4

Processor - 500 MHz PowerPC G3 CPU, 128MB Memory

Graphics - ATI Rage 128 Pro, 8MB of memory (8 million triangles)

Screen - 786K pixels

Data Transfer Speeds - 1.3-12.5 MB/s (DVD-ROM-1/100 Ethernet)

Storage - 30GB Hard Drive

Dimensions - 15.0 x 15.0 x 17.1 inches

Weight - 34.7 pounds


iPhone 4

Operating System - iOS 4.0

Processor - 1 Ghz ARM A4 CPU, 512MB Memory

Graphics - PowerVR SGX 535, uses system memory (28 million triangles)

Screen - 614K pixels

Data Transfer Speeds - .04-20MB/s (3G-WiFi)

Storage - 32GB Flash Drive

Dimensions - 4.5 x 2.31 x .31 inches

Weight - 4.8 ounces

The author of the post also asks: what will the device be like in 2020? We don't know, but we'll be here 10 years from now looking back at this post. Bookmark it, please.