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UpWord Notes Adds TaskPaper Tweaks

In my original review of UpWord Notes for iPhone, I noted that the app didn’t support TaskPaper’s syntax in any way, which was surprising considering that UpWord is a todo app that relies on plain text, just like TaskPaper.

In today’s relatively minor 1.0.5 update, UpWord Notes added support for marking notes as complete with “@done” and for quickly adding tabs with a two-finger gestures – both enhancements are aimed at TaskPaper users. While UpWord is still far from being a fully functional TaskPaper client, these additions introduce a first layer of compatibility that makes using UpWord with TaskPaper files a bit more feasible. UpWord has handy reminder and favorite features, which are typically absent from plain text apps and systems, and if I were to switch from my Fantastical/Reminders todo system (not happening any time soon), I’d consider TaskPaper with UpWord.

UpWord Notes is $0.99 on the App Store.