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Inside Apple’s iPhone 6 Testing Lab

Josh Lowensohn:

A few blocks away from Apple’s bustling campus in Cupertino is a rather nondescript building. Inside is absolutely the last place on earth you’d want to be if you were an iPhone. It’s here where Apple subjects its newest models to the kinds of things they might run into in the real world: drops, pressure, twisting, tapping. Basically all the things that could turn your shiny gadget into a small pile of metal and glass.

I’m starting to think that the iPhonegates Apple goes through every year may be worth it if only for the peek behind the curtain we get.

This time, in response to the so-called #bendgate, Apple invited the press to visit their secret testing lab for the iPhone 6. The Verge has fascinating photos and details; CNBC has a video report.

See also: a brief history of iPhonegates.