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The iPhone 4 Solar Charger

I haven't had any problems with the iPhone 4 battery so far (I managed to make it last 38 hours once), but in case you were wondering if there was a way to use solar power to get more battery life - well, here it is.

The Frostfire Mooncharge Hybrid Solar Battery Case For iPhone 4 gives your device 5 extra minutes of calling or 50 minutes of stand-by mode with 20 minutes of direct sunlight, but if you charge the battery inside the case via USB you get 5 additional hours of calling. So, not really powerful when it comes to solar charging - not unless you leave the phone in direct sunlight for a couple of hours.

The case comes at $70.  [Frostfire via GigaOM]

Technical Specifications for iPhone 4

Improved performance for iPhone 4

- Stand-by: up to 315 extra hours

- Talk time: up to 5 extra hours

- Internet: up to 8 extra hours

- Audio play: up to 27 extra hours

- Video play: up to 10 extra hours


- Revolutionary solar panel technology allows your iPhone to charge from the power of the sun.

- Strong, light and attractive case design with built-in 2400mAh battery.

- USB connection allows you to charge or sync with iTunes without ever having to take your iPhone out of the case.

- Clean, green energy source allowing you protect and charge your iPhone anywhere.

- Comfortable, ergonomic design with a soft touch, non-slip finish

- Charge your iPhone while on the beach, camping, running, walking, hiking, or biking or travelling.

- Full access to your iPhone screen.

- Compatible with iPhone 4. Connection works with iPod for charging, although case is not snug with iPods

- LED indicator lights let you know the amount of power left.

- Impact resistant case


- This is a Li-ion rechargeable battery and therefore it takes 3-4 full charges before optimum capacity is reached

- Recommended to initially fully charge via USB