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iPhone Apps That Don’t Exist – But Should

There are so many apps in the App Store - can you remember when there was no App Store though? We all used to save webclips on our iPhone pages, Safari was the only way to let the iPhone see something new.Then the App Store launched and the rest is history. iFart. Pocket God. Weightbot. Tweetie. You know, apps changed our life.

But hey, there's always place for creativity and I'm sure some developer out there is working in this exact moment on the app that will change the way we use our phone in the next months. That's what's great about the App Store - you don't settle. There will always be room for a better app - one that didn't even exist before.

That's what David Pogue did with his latest NYT column: he asked for help to his followers in order to round-up great ideas for apps that don't exist yet. It's genius. Check out the most interesting ones after the break.

"One hugely popular category was “Shazam for other things.” Shazam, of course, is the amazing app that identifies a pop song on the radio just by listening to it. No wonder, then, that people loved @ale_guzman1’s concept of “Shazam for movies or TV.” How great would it be to let the phone’s camera identify whatever you’re watching?"

"Social apps were popular, like the “reverse Foursquare” suggested by @churlala: “Register all your exes, so no awkward run-ins around town.” Or @sppatel’s “Six Degrees of Separation” app, which “uses public friends lists across multiple social sites to determine how you may be tied to someone you just met."

"@SEOtrafficSite, meanwhile, suggested an app that “adds background noise (airport, party...) during my calls, so people don’t think I’m a nerd sitting at my computer all day."

"The camera also plays a role in “iPhone Clothes Coordinator,” suggested by @BookMD: “Take pix of your clothing items and accessories. Mix and match on the screen, see what works ahead of time!"

These are only a few examples I've selected from Pogue's article. Check out the full entry here, because it's really worth a look. You don't know what developers have in store for you, but you can start guessing now.

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