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Time Warner Cable Prototype iPad App [Video]

Time Warner Cable is working on an official application for the iPad, not publicly available yet, and they're showing it off in a series of videos where TWC CEO Glenn Britt, CTO Mike LaJoie, VP of Web Services Jason Gaedtke and Director of Digital Communications Jeff Simmermon discuss the future of their online services and the possibilities that new devices like the iPad create for content publishers.

Even in its early development stages, the app looks good. It embeds a TV guide, and allows you to schedule recording with a few taps. Another section of the application lets you stream content to the iPad, but it's still unknown whether the first version of the application will allow you to sync the status of your watched shows across multiple devices.

Check out the video below, and find other vides of the discussions here, here, and here. [via Engadget]