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Preview: Globetrotters for iPad, And Let the Party Games Begin

Party games weren't that huge of a success on the iPhone. Wait, were there party games on the iPhone at all?

The iPhone wasn't (isn't) exactly the best fit for party games, but things are gonna change with the iPad. Thanks to the bigger screen (yes, once again) some developers thought that it would have been interesting to step into the unexplored land of local multiplayer and offer users the possibility to touch things on screen - together.

Globetrotters is the first games we've just stumbled upon, it features (what they seem) nice graphics and allows you to play with 3 other friends on the same device. From what we can see right now, you basically have to jump from a planet to another and collect some colored stars to win. Sorta. But anyway, the thing is - party games are now possible. Too bad I won't have 3 other friends with an iPad to test Globetrotters, because it looks good. Take a look at the screenies after the jump.