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iPad 2 Mockup Spotted at CES

Our friends at Engadget spotted something really interesting while walking around CES booths: another case designed for the rumored iPad 2, with an actual iPad 2 mockup inside, made of aluminum. The case, created by Dexim and admittedly also looking good with its leather and detachable Bluetooth keyboard, sports the usual features we've been hearing in the rumors: front and rear-facing cameras, thinner design, bigger speaker. There are some curious new details to be noted as well.

First off, the iPad 2 mockup inside the case has the home button closer to the edge of the unit, and it's got a flat back. It's also got tapered edges as we heard last week, and when trying to put a current generation iPad in the case, Engadget was told that it wouldn't fit because of its size. Accessory makers seem to be pretty sure that the next-generation iPad will be thinner, with a flat back and two cameras -- clearly someone in China saw, or at least heard something, about the new iPad and told these manufacturers to follow certain guidelines.

Check out more iPad 2 mockup photos below and the full gallery on Engadget.