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Vodafone Reportedly Blocking VoIP Applications Over 3G

There are reports coming in tonight that Vodafone within Europe has begun blocking all VoIP applications from functioning over the 3G networks, restricting them to use WiFi.

iSpazio notes specifically that the ban seems to be enforced in Italy with VoIP apps such as Skype, Viber and Tango no longer functioning over a 3G network and that when Viber tries to make a call over Vodafone’s 3G network that the following message is displayed;

An Internet connection is required to place free calls Viber. Check your connection and try again. Place a regular call instead.

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Skype 5 Out Of Beta, Group Calling Part Of Premium Package

Skype 5 is official this morning, delivering an enhanced interface and group video calling, which is part of a paid premium package and available with a seven day trial. Otherwise, expect to pay $4.99 a day or $8.99 a month for access to the bandwidth hogging feature. Video calls are also seeing the return of the much requested full screen mode. Trimming down the interface, Skype has reduced whitespace and tightened visual accessibility, and have plans to launch a contest where Skype users can design the perfect interface for the Mac.

You can download the latest update by visiting the announcement post on, or by visiting this direct link.

Skype 5 Out of Beta?

As noted by a poster on Italian forum Italiamac, it appears that Skype 5, launched as beta in November, has now gone “public” – out of beta – for everyone. When trying to download Skype for Mac from its usual download page, the website doesn’t return a download of Skype 2.8 (which is still featured as the latest public release for Mac) but “forces you” to download a new version of Skype 5.

The beta version, indeed, has build number, while the new version we just downloaded is Build number aside, there doesn’t seem to be anything new in the Mac app. This is a direct link to the download of the new version of Skype 5 for Mac.

Of course this might just be an error on Skype’s end, but with the recent release of video calling for iPhone and iPad we’re hoping for an announcement of Skype 5 final later today. Read more

Is Skype The Biggest Threat To Apple’s FaceTime?

Last night, Skype released a major new version of their iPhone and iPod touch client. Version 3.0 of the Skype app, released just in time for New Year’s Eve, adds video calling to all iOS devices with the possibility to run the app in compatibility mode on the iPad and receive video calls on screen. The iPhone app allows you to receive and initiate video calls both on WiFi and 3G, it’s compatible with iPhone 4 / iPhone 3GS and iPod touch 4th gen and, when on 3G, consumes around 3.4 MB of data per minute. Previous tests showed that Apple’s FaceTime technology also consume 3 MB per minute. Skype 3.0 also lets you call desktop users on Mac and PC and check on their computer screens (sounds useful for remote troubleshooting or networking), requires iOS 4 and supports both portrait and landscape modes.

The latest Skype update is, put simply, a huge win for the millions of Skype users out there who have an iOS device always connected to the internet. We could argue on the 24/7 internet availability on devices like the iPod touch and the iPad WiFi, but there’s no doubt the new Skype for iOS is the closest thing Apple ever had to a FaceTime competitor. Forget the 3rd party apps in the App Store that allow video calls: this is Skype. Which leads me to consider Apple’s position in regards to this update: Skype lets you see your friends wherever you are, no matter what kind of connection you’re on. Apple, due to technology limitations or AT&T’s pressure, only lets you FaceTime on WiFi. But looking at the big picture, that’s not really what Apple should fear. Read more

Custom Styles for Skype 5.0 Beta for Mac

Custom Styles for Skype 5.0 Beta for Mac

A few hours back, a new Beta of Skype for Mac hit the interwebs. The twitter was going all crazy for it. This new Beta of Skype for Mac included some drastic UI changes. (read: 100% of the UI has changed)

One of the most noticeable visual changes was the amount of whitespace. Because the window looked like it was a Web View, and I saw something about Chat Styles in the settings, I decided to dig into the package.

Also check out Panamerica Mini.


Skype 5 Beta for Mac Now Available

A few minutes ago Skype released the long awaited version of Skype 5 for Mac, a new iteration of the world-leading communication tool that brings a lot of new features and a redesigned interface to OS X. Skype 5 for Mac is labelled as a beta product for now.

Skype 5 for Mac brings complete Address Book integration, group video calling (finally, as this was one of the best features of the Windows counterpart), a new mini control bar, support for offline instant messaging, user profiles and a floating dialpad.

Check out the demo video above.

New Version of Skype for Mac Coming “Soon”

This morning Skype launched a brand new version of its official Windows client with direct Facebook integration. That’s a biggie. And what about Mac users? We’re still left behind with a clunky old version of Skype that doesn’t even support multi-video chat, nor does it have the new UI introduced in the Windows counterpart.

Still, Skype promises we only have to wait a little more before we can put our hands on a “complete overhaul, both in terms of the way it looks, and in terms of functionality”.

No problem, Skype: we’re used to wait for Mac updates. Just one thing: where’s the iPad app, again?