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iPad Wifi Issues Will Be Fixed With a Software Update

Remember when there was so much talking about the iPad having problems with wifi connections and disconnecting from networks?  Some U.S. colleges even banned the device due to these problems with wifi. Apple has finally updated a support document about the issue including some “workarounds” to get wireless connections working properly on the iPad:

- Verify your Wi-Fi router firmware is up to date.

- If your router’s security encryption is WEP, try WPA or WPA2, as WEP can cause intermittent disconnects with the iPad which requires retyping a password.

- Make sure the iPad screen brightness is not at the lowest level.

- Obtain a new IP address by going into Settings, Wi-Fi, accessing the settings of the current network, and choosing “Renew Lease.”

- Finally, if these steps do not work, users are recommended to try turning Wi-Fi off and back

Also, the issues will be fixed with a Software Update. I can see OS 3.2.1 coming by the WWDC.

Estimate: Apple Will Make $40 Million A Year with iWork Apps for iPad

People want to be productive with their shiny new iPad, and so they spend on good productivity apps in the App Store. But if a developer has to deal with Apple’s revenue and such, what about Apple’s own paid apps - Pages, Keynote and Numbers?

According to the latest estimate reported by 9to5mac, Apple could make more than $40 million a year with the iWork apps for iPad.

“How did they work it out?

- They estimate the top paid iPad app does about 7,500 unit sales on a Saturday or Sunday, and about 2,500 unit sales on a weekday.

- All the iWork apps have been in the top ten since the iPad launched, with Pages at number one.

- They estimate: “7,500 downloads per app x 2 weekend days, and 2,500 downloads per app x 5 weekdays, = about 27,500 weekly unit downloads per app.”

They estimate Apple’s making $825,000 per week on these sales.”

Impressive, isn’t it?

How To Access iPad Photos and Documents From the Finder

We’ve seen a lot of tutorials on how to hack the iPad to do stuff like Magic Mouse support or playing a SNES game with a Wiimote. But what about something really useful like download photos from it, print documents and move files using nothing but the Mac OS’ Finder? Wouldn’t it be great to access the iPad directly from the Finder as if it was an external drive and thus performing actions that would require iTunes, iPhoto or 3rd party applications otherwise?

Just follow our simple tutorial and you’ll see how it is indeed possible to do a lot more stuff with a single Cydia tweak called Netatalk.

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Tweet Flow, A Beautiful Desktop Twitter Client

Whilst in my $2 Staples stand dock thing, my iPad virtually does nothing as it recharges for the morning. Cup of coffee and keyboard in hand, I often pondered the ways it could make me more productive or more informed before its later afternoon usage. Enter Tweet Flow (tweet Flow? tweetFlow?), a pretty great iPad Twitter client that’s excellent for displaying recent tweets in big text.

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Turn Your iPad Into A Scrapbook with ScrapPad

I bet you’ve already shown your iPad off to your friends and relatives, who surely were impressed by the ease to use of Apple’s new device. If you’re really that kind of guy that collects photos of vacations and stuff, then you might consider giving a try to ScrapPad.

Developed by Album tArt, ScrapPad is a simple and great-looking scrapbooking utility that lets you choose from multiple colorful kits, attach photos and include borders and backgrounds. You can do almost everything you could ever do with a real scrapbook, and the feeling itself is pretty good too. You can pull, drag, pinch and zoom, enter text, create unlimited scrapbooks and even share them on Facebook.

The app is 20% off during the introductory period and available at $3.99 in the App Store. Check out the screenshots after the break, and go download the app here.

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