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Resources Roundup: 25 Links to the Best AppleScripts Tutorials and Examples

If you’re an “advanced” Mac user, it’s very likely that you daily use AppleScrips to speed up your workflow. If you haven’t ever heard of AppleScripts, this post is for you.

AppleScript is the language of automation: you can let the script perform boring tasks in your place and forget about it. Put simply: you find yourself searching terms on Wikipedia everyday by manually opening each time There’s an AppleScript for that. You’d like to mark as read all your messages? There’s an AppleScript for that.

The problem is, you need to actually know the AppleScript language to write a script.

Here, I’ve collected the best link that the web offers about this topic with examples and tutorials.

Enjoy! :)

Snow Leopard AppleScriptObjC Framework Tutorials

Introduction to Scripting Address Book

AppleScript: build a simple task launcher

Smart Start: Use AppleScript to Control Startup Apps

Introduction to AppleScript Language Guide

Dropbox Applescript

Framed and Exposed: Better Image Automation Through Scripting

Make the OS X Color Picker into an application

Proper English Title Capitalization - Doug’s AppleScripts for iTunes

Launch items in Stacks via AppleScript and keyboard

Keynote Tweet - A simple Applescript Application for automatically sending tweets from Apple Keynote during a presentation

Spotify Applescripts

17 AppleScripts To Make Your Life Easier

Applescript: Move Messages to Folder

Excellent AppleScripts Speeding up Tasks

Using Quicksilver and Applescript to Keep a Stack of Safari URLs

AppleScript: Send Link From Safari to Evernote

MacMembrane’s AppleScripts

PimpMyCamino: AppleScripts

10 AppleScripts to make you love your Mac (even more)

Controlling Acorn from AppleScript

Mark all as read in Mail via AppleScript

Run AppleScript When Webpage is Done Loading

Empty the trash from any application via AppleScript

AppleScript autoresponder in Snow Leopard’s

So, have you get started to AppleScripts? You got a script to share? I’d love about that in the comments :)

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