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JustNotes: Notes + Simplenote Client for Mac

You've probably already heard of Simplenote: it's a note taking application for iPhone which syncs with its online server and each note you take on the mobile device will then be available through the web interface.

Simple and straighforward.

John Gruber also showed his love for Simplenote back in July.

So, what if we could have a desktop client for Mac?  Here comes JustNotes, a beta app I've discovered the last week.

JustNotes is a very lightweight application: it installs a menubar icon which, if pressed, opens up a "HUD-ish" window containing the notes.

To add a note, just click the + and start typing.

While all these notes you take could stay "locally" as well, the most interesting thing about JustNotes is that it syncs with Simplenote. Enter your login details, and here you go.

No doubt this is the coolest feature about the app. JustNotes is a very early beta, it lacks many options and things, but  we should seriously keep an eye on it.

Go download!