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Decloner: Find and Remove Duplicates on Mac

So, you download a lot of stuff everyday and your downloads folder is a total mess. Or, you download so much stuff (music, icons, PDFs, images) that sometimes you can’t remember which files you’ve already downloaded..and you download them again, just to be sure. Obviously, you don’t have time to clean up that folder or, you just don’t want to.

Then, there’s another situation: you work a lot. You work so much that after some time your /Work folder wastes tons of GBs. Pages files, spreadsheets, PSDs,notes, stock photos..that’s very likely to happen.

Ok, let’s talk about Decloner.

Decloner finds and removes duplicate files on your Mac. You enter the path to a folder, hit Scan, and it will start looking for duplicates into that folder. Overall, Decloner is very simple and straightforward. But it’s under the hood where Decloner surprises a lot.

First, Decloner is fast. I tried to scan my whole user directory and Decloner successfully did it in less than 3 minutes. Impressive. Then, the application uses the SHA-1 algorithm to analyze files, and quickly finds if the files are identical even if the date differs. Last, files are not permanently deleted, Decloner puts them into the Trash so that you can restore them anytime before emptyin the trash. Cool.

You can obviuosly bulk delete stuff and even get some additional info like creation date, size and icon. There’s QuickLook support to have previews of what you’re about to delete. The interface is clean and minimal, the app stable and reliable. There are a few things I wish the devs will implement anyway: a schedule feature, to run scans every -say- month,a new dock icon and possibility to run in the menubar.

If you find yourself wasting a lot of disk space because you have a lot of duplicates, and you know how much disk space is important nowadays, you’d better spend $19.95 and buy Decloner.

Go download.

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