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Captio 2.0 Released, Adds iPad Version

Back in September I reviewed Captio, a simple utility for the iPhone aimed at letting you easily send an email to yourself with just one tap. What’s the deal with sending emails to yourself, when you can take a note in apps like Simplenote, Evernote, or Apple’s Notes app itself? For some people, quickly sending an email with apps like Captio, or Note 2 Self, is faster than opening up a full note-taking app and creating a new note with the proper formatting options, tags, or more. Captio allows you to launch the app, type, and hit the Send button to find the note later in your inbox. When combined with desktop tools like OmniFocus, which has excellent support for email integration, Captio and similar apps become simple yet powerful solutions to get thoughts out of your brain and into your trusted GTD system. The same applies to online services like Basecamp, Evernote or Remember The Milk, which support quick email input.

Captio 2.0, released today, finally adds native iPad support to send notes from your device to your preferred email account, and – this is also new in version 2.0 – lets you configure an IMAP account in-app if you don’t want notes to be delivered using the developers’ email system. I found that notes delivered via IMAP took a few seconds more than the developers’s built-in account, but if you don’t want to route your notes through an external service now you have an option. The interface designed for the iPad is very straightforward, with the popular linen background sitting below a floating panel to write your note and insert attachments. In spite of its simplicity, Captio’s design is elegant and pleasant. In this new version, you can also access a notes archive to see old emails you sent for one month. In the preferences located in the Settings app (not the account settings in Captio), you can choose to disable the message footer, repeat the first line of the note in the email body, and tweak the subject prefix. On top of that, TextExpander Touch support has been enabled in Captio 2.0 as well.

At this point, with local storage, IMAP options and a native iPad version, Captio has become the best way to send an email to yourself from any iOS device. You can download Captio at $1.99 on the App Store. Check out more screenshots of the app after the break.

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