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Sponsor: Doxie

My thanks to Apparent for sponsoring MacStories this week with Doxie.

Doxie is an award-winning scanner that works anywhere -- no computer required -- and then syncs to your Mac, iPad, and various cloud services. Doxie's small and portable hardware comes in two models: Doxie One and Doxie Go. The Doxie's scanning process is simple: just push a button and insert your sheet of paper to save it thanks to the Doxie's built-in battery and memory chip.

I have been using a Doxie Go since January 2012. My paperless workflow consists of scanning quick receipts with the iPhone's Camera and larger documents with the Doxie Go. The Doxie provides high-quality scans that I import with the Doxie Mac app, which provides an option to save PDFs with or without OCR; on the Mac, I then save everything to Evernote directly from the Doxie app. The Doxie Go is the only scanner I've ever owned and I'm very happy with it.

Learn more about Doxie here.