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Someone Brought An iPad 2 To The Daily Launch

In a room crowded with journalists and bloggers obsessed with Apple, it might not be a good idea to bring a prototype of the unreleased next-generation iPad with you. Because yes, apparently someone brought an iPad 2 at today's launch of The Daily. The device was spotted by Reuters and, guess what, it appears to carry a front facing camera:

A Reuters eyewitness saw what appeared to be a working model of the next iPad with a front-facing camera at the top edge of the glass screen at a press conference to mark the debut of News Corp's Daily online paper in New York on Wednesday.

A source with knowledge of the device confirmed its existence, adding that the final release model could have other features. News Corp and Apple declined to comment.

Did the working model belong to an Apple employee? If so, how can you even think of bringing one to the launch of The Daily? Or maybe Reuters saw some weird light reflection, and the "source" fooled them to think it was an iPad 2?

Now, our question is: where is the photo?