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Pixelfari: It’s Safari, In 8-bit. And It’s Totally Awesome.

Pixelfari by Neven Mrgan is the coolest Safari mod I've ever seen. The app, very buggy and released as an experiment by Mrgan, is basically a skin for Apple's browser completely realized in 8-bit style. Like those old Nintendo games, or The Incident from Mrgan himself. It's pixel art applied to a browser: toolbars, fonts, menus, preferences -- everything. It's unreadable as hell. But at the same time, my beloved geeks, it's kind of a dream come true: Nintendo from the 80s meets Apple. Mrgan writes:

Ladies and gents, fellow humans — presenting Pixelfari, a pixely, 8-bitty version of everyone’s favorite browser. Enjoy chunky fonts, blocky graphics, and a general sense of giddy inefficiency. Spearheaded by yours truly and developed by a very clever friend.

Maybe we're all getting excited about this because it's a neat hack no one ever did before. Still, you can't take the 8-bit love away from me. So go download the app here , right now. Enjoy.