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Nokia: “Connecting People” Is Our Slogan

You might have noticed that Scott Forstall said that the new iPhone 4 is all about connecting people. Of course that didn't go well with Nokia, which is considering a trademark dispute with Apple.

A Finnish site reports:

"Apple's slogan theft has been notified at Nokia's headquarters. Aamulehti reported yesterday Apple's new iPhone 4 advertisement video, in which Apple's Manager Scott Forstall borrows carelessly Nokia's famous slogan. The unscrupulous quotation has been met with astonishment at Nokia. Company's Communications Director Tapani Kaskinen commented to Ilta Sanomat that "Connecting People" slogan is a protected trademark in many countries, including the United States. - 'It has been used by Nokia since the 1990's and is one of the world's most known slogans.' Kaskinen says. Apple and Nokia have sued and countersued each other in patent disputes. So far it is unclear whether Nokia will take the use of their marketing trademarks to court."

[via 9to5mac]