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Latest Chrome Canary Build Has Fullscreen for Lion Built In

Want native Lion support in Google Chrome? The fast updating browser has an early Canary build out with native Lion support, including native fullscreen mode you've always wanted. Sure you can use fullscreen right now in Chrome, but it overtakes your current desktop and doesn't show up as a fullscreen app in Mission Control. With native integration on its way, we've got plenty of screenshots past the break.

In the latest Canary build, Google has added the full screen button and a keyboard shortcut, tailoring their fullscreen mode for Lion.

Fullscreen mode now puts Canary into its own spot which is accessible via Mission Control or a three finger swipe.

When in fullscreen mode, you'll now have access to minimize Canary from the menubar. You'll notice too that there's a curtain icon so you can hide the toolbar for a true fullscreen experience. There's two variations of fullscreen mode you can play with.

You can download Canary here.