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Kickstarter: Shaun Inman’s Retro Game Crunch – Six Games in Six Months

I haven't covered many Kickstarter projects as of late: it seems many are getting funded but not delivering on time or backers are still waiting for the product to ship. Today, Shaun Inman has launched his own Kickstarter project along with his friends Rusty Moyher, of Bloop fame, and Matt Grimm, a great composer and sound designer of such games as Flip's Escape. Together they are launching Retro Game Crunch, a Kickstarter series that will try to produce six original games in six months. Sound too good to be true? Normally yes, but with the awesome team I believe it will happen.

Their idea: "What if you could back a game on Kickstarter and play it as soon as the project was funded? And then receive a new game the following month? And the next month? And the next? What if you could participate in the process and shape the direction of each game?"

Each month backers (of $15 or more) will submit and vote on a theme and Shaun and his team will build the game that gets the most votes... in 3 days. Based on player feedback and Shaun and his team's original aspirations, they will then polish and perfect the game for thirty days. Backers will then get to download a complete version of the game. This will happen each month for 6 months.

For each thirty days, or each game being developed, the Retro Game Crunch team will document the game process and progress with posts, screenshots and podcasts. Backers that contribute $25 or more will also get to download the entire Super Clew Land, which is a great game, when this project ends.

Pledges start at $1 but $15 and higher will get to see the extras that we mentioned above. If you are so brave to pledge more than $25, they have some very great packages like posters, shirts, exclusive downloads, personalized cheat codes, game credits and more. For a full rundown of this Kickstarter project, click on over to the Kickstarter page and read even more.

If you enjoy classic gaming and are looking for a great Kickstarter project, this is one to back. The Retro Game Crunch team is very talented and focused. Between Shaun and his team, they have lots of experience with short, focused game jams.

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