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iPads Being Used for U.S. Marine Recruiting

... This is for fighting, this is for fun!" Sorry, I was feeling inspired by the movie Full Metal Jacket.

Military Times has reported that the U.S. Marine Corps is testing out the use of iPads in recruiting. The blog reported that Maj. Gen. Robert Milstead, the commander of the Marine Corps Recruiting Command, said the Corps is doing well in recruitment, but (like everyone else these days) it faces a shrinking advertising budget. So they jumped on the 'iPads in Public' bandwagon. That's where the iPads come in.

Recruiters are setting up booths at county fairs, athletic events, etc., and having contests such as pull-ups for young people. In order to participate, the students need to sign a waiver, on an iPad - not paper and pencil from years past. Why? All the penciled data had re-entered into a database for future contact which took time and effort, and some people have illegible handwriting.

By using an iPad, recruiters can immediately capture the information with little errors. The U.S. Marine Corps isn't sure they're going to stay with this experimental entry program, but it has impressive potential.

"I said two-finger swipe, Private!"

[via TUAW]