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iCloud Logo Spotted at Moscone Center


Apple started the WWDC 2011 preparations at the Moscone Center a few days ago -- we tweeted pictures of the Apple logo and outside banners going up, though we weren't able to see what Apple was working on inside the conference building. As tweeted by @stop, the photo above shows the official logo / icon of iCloud that Apple will unveil at the WWDC keynote on Monday.

What do you think? Judging from a first photo, it looks like iCloud is going to replace MobileMe entirely -- several rumors in the past weeks claimed iCloud would be a service within MobileMe, but from the looks of the icon it appears iCloud will simply replace Apple's previous cloud offering.

We should receive more photos from Moscone Center later today and we'll update this story with the new shots. Look past the break for more updates!

Our friend @SteveStreza managed to capture a few pics of the Moscone center in action - lots of iOS5 and iCloud banners!

AppleInsider has gotten some more pics of the iCloud icon. Looks like Lion + iOS5 + iCloud = WWDC!