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Dropbox Releases Completely Redesigned iOS App

Dropbox has today launched a major new version of its iOS app, featuring a new UI design, new upload features, and an updated photo experience.

As detailed in a blog post by the company, the new Dropbox aims at simplifying the user interface with "flattened out" colors, simpler lines, and less visual complexity. For instance, the new tab bar of the app doesn't come with text labels, using only icons to indicate folders, Photos, Favorites, and Settings. In a way, the Dropbox redesign is somewhat reminiscent of the latest Rdio update for iOS, also focused on flat colors and an overall simplification of graphical elements.

The new Dropbox changes the upload system as well. In the previous version, there was an Uploads section to upload items from the iOS Camera Roll to a specific folder; users needed to specify the folder before starting the upload process. In Dropbox 2.0, every folder -- including the main Dropbox one -- has got a "+" button in the upper toolbar with two options: "Upload Here" and "Create New Folder". I look forward to trying this feature in particular as I use the Dropbox app to upload photos on a daily basis to different folders; I don't know whether an upload button dependent on the folder you're currently viewing will eventually make me save taps, or require more navigation around folders.

Photos are also part of my Dropbox workflow, and the new app introduces a new browsing experience for them. According to Dropbox "all of your photos" including those you have "uploaded from other devices" will be available in the new Photos tab. This view comes with a grid interface to browse photos from newest to oldest. Interestingly, sharing options for photos now include separate entries for "Post on Facebook" and "Facebook Message". The Photos view retains the Camera Uploads functionality of the previous version (though personally I use CameraSync for this, a third-party app that offers more settings for Dropbox photo uploads).

The new Dropbox app is available on the App Store.

Update: Based on my first tests, it appears only photos uploaded with the app's Camera Uploads feature are recognized in the Photos tab; it doesn't seem like the app is recognizing photos I uploaded with third-party apps like CameraSync. Too, like in the previous version of the app, you can't star folders.

More screenshots below.

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