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Dropbox Launches New Pro Features, Cuts Pricing

In a blog post, Dropbox announced changes to their paid tier today, cutting the price of Dropbox Pro to $9.99/month with 1 TB of storage and introducing new features for Pro users.

We don’t want you to worry about choosing the right plan or having enough space. So today, we’re simplifying Dropbox Pro to a single plan that stays at $9.99/month, but now comes with 1 TB (1,000 GB) of space.

Earlier this year, Google cut pricing for its Drive storage service, offering 1 TB at $9.99/month; with today's announcement, Dropbox matches the 1 TB offered by Google and is cheaper than Google's plan if paid on an annual basis (Dropbox Pro is also available at $99/year).

Customers who will upgrade to Pro will receive additional functionalities for sharing files and folders, managing permissions, and remotely wiping content stored on a lost or stolen device connected to Dropbox. When sharing a link, users will be able to set a password to access the shared file and define an expiration time for the shared link; in shared folders, Pro users will get granular controls to assign viewing and editing permissions to recipients.

In a move reminiscent of Apple's remote wipe for Find My iPhone, Pro customers will also be capable of remotely erasing the contents of the Dropbox app on a device that's been lost or stolen; in that case, the Dropbox app will simply delete all files the first time it's launched again.

Changes to Dropbox Pro come ahead of the launch of iCloud Drive from Apple, which will feature simpler folder-based access and file management on OS X Yosemite and native integration with iOS 8 apps. For more information (and links to support documents), check out the blog post by Dropbox.