AutoSleep Adds Today Dashboard, Customizable Clocks, and More

AutoSleep, the automatic sleep tracker for iPhone and Apple Watch, has followed up its big 6.0 release from late last year with a 6.1 update that adds a brand new Today screen, the ability to customize the design of the app’s sleep clock, and several other smaller improvements.

Today is the foremost navigation tab in the updated AutoSleep, providing a dashboard view of different stats related to your latest night’s sleep. It serves as an addition to the previously-default Clock tab, which now bears the second slot in the tab bar. Today provides a quick overview of several different data points through both visual graphs and written stats. On my Today screen, for example, I currently see different cards for Time Asleep, Latest Bedtime, and a HeartWatch card. There are great visuals included with all of these, plus details about how long I slept, my current sleep bank status, my latest bedtime and wake time, and finally my sedentary heart rate. Other cards that will appear here include a graph of your sleep session, your readiness level, sleep rings, and lights off.

The new Today tab in AutoSleep 6.1.

The new Today tab in AutoSleep 6.1.

Though the vast majority of information presented in Today isn’t entirely new, I think Today is easily the best way that data has ever been displayed in the app. The dashboard layout, with the option to tap each featured card for more detailed information, is easy to understand and navigate, thus making AutoSleep more user-friendly than ever.

This latest update also includes the ability to customize AutoSleep’s sleep clocks from the app’s Settings screen, with options that more closely resemble older versions of the app, and others that are enhancements to the updated clock view that debuted in AutoSleep 6.

Joining these improvements, AutoSleep 6.1 has updated the way it presents Add to Siri options. Previously there was a dedicated Siri tab, but now the app uses Apple-recommended Add to Siri buttons throughout the interface for creating different Siri shortcuts. Additionally, if you want to save sleep data as part of a longer shortcut in the Shortcuts app, there are precise directions for doing that along with the new ability to gather sleep time and wake time data via a shortcut’s dictionary. Finally, you can set notifications to only deliver after your iPhone has been unlocked, or at a set time of day, and a median bedtime and wake time data point is now available no matter what day’s sleep info you’re viewing.

AutoSleep 6 made much of the sleep tracking app more accessible to a broader set of users, and 6.1 continues that trend with its Today screen and customizable sleep clocks. You can download the update on the App Store now.

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