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Apple To Live Stream Today’s WWDC Keynote

As noted by MacRumors, Apple will once again provide a live video stream of today's WWDC 2013 keynote in San Francisco. With an update pushed overnight to Apple TV owners, Apple has added a live feed for WWDC 2013 to its existing Apple Events channel.

The last time Apple used the special Apple TV channel was on October 23, 2012, when they unveiled, among other announcements, the iPad mini. Before October 2012, Apple had offered a live stream for its "Back to the Mac" event in 2010, when the company introduced OS X Lion and a new line of MacBook Airs.

Apple hasn't yet confirmed whether the event will also be streamed on its website to desktop and mobile browsers, but it's likely that a link will be put up shortly on Apple's Events webpage.

Update: As expected, Apple just confirmed that the keynote will also be streamed on its website.

Apple's WWDC 2013 keynote kicks off at 10 AM PDT; you can check your own timezone here.

07:00 — Honolulu, Hawaii
10:00 — San Francisco, California
13:00 — New York, New York
14:00 — São Paulo, Brazil
18:00 — London, England
19:00 — Rome, Italy
20:00 — Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
21:00 — Moscow, Russia
22:30 — New Delhi, India
01:00 — Shanghai, China (June 11)
02:00 — Tokyo, Japan (June 11)
03:00 — Sydney, Australia (June 11)

We'll be offering a liveblog of today's keynote here.