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Apple To Developers: Submit Your iOS 6 Apps Today

Following the introduction of the new iPhone 5, new iPods and an upcoming new iTunes earlier today, Apple has now sent an official mail to its third-party developers. In it, Apple asks its developers to submit updates of their apps or completely new ones built with the newest iOS 6 SDK and APIs.

iOS 6 will soon be in the hands of hundreds of millions of customers. Take advantage of beautifully designed and smooth panning maps using the new vector based engine in MapKit. Provide tickets, loyalty cards, and other passes with Passbook. Integrate sharing capabilities for Facebook. Explore new camera APIs and new features for Reminders, In-App Purchase, and Game Center to create your best iOS apps yet.

To prepare your apps for submission, download the GM seeds for iOS 6 and Xcode 4.5 and test your existing apps for compatibility. Be sure to review the updated App Store Review Guidelines and the iOS 6 Readiness Checklist, and submit your apps today.

Developers can now head over to the Apple Developer website to download the new GM seeds for iOS 6 and Xcode 4.5.