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Apple Hires Creator of webOS Notification System

While many of you may not be familiar with this name, Rich Dellinger is the man behind the widely acclaimed webOS (Palm, acquired by HP some weeks ago) notification system. And he's now working for Steve Jobs.

If there's an area where Apple could really improve its iOS , that is notifications, which are nothing but a one-time, cluttering popup that appears in the middle of the screen every time something happens inside an app that supports notifications. You can't have a history for your notifications (not unless you install a 3rd party app such as Boxcar) and you can't setup options to customize the way they work. It's quite surprising that Apple hasn't done anything yet in this field.

Rich Dellinger is now Senior UI Designer at Apple, and it's very likely that he's already working on the next version of notifications for iOS. Apple filed a patent back in 2008 for a new design of notifications in the lockscreen, but nothing has happened since then. I guess notifications weren't Steve's priority back then.

What about now? We can't wait to see what Dillinger has in store.