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Apple Discounts Apple Watch Sport, Introduces 26 New Watch Bands

After touting the Apple Watch as the top selling smartwatch in the world, Apple revealed this morning that it will now price the Apple Watch Sport at $299 and $349 for the 38mm and 42mm models, respectively.

In addition to the $50 price drop, Apple introduced new watch bands, including the Space Black Milanese Loop and spring collections of the Leather Loop, Sport, and Classic Buckle. A new category of bands, a Woven Nylon collection, was also shown.

Space Black Milanese Loop

Adding to the Milanese Loop family, a new Space Black option is now available for purchase in the online Apple Store. Featuring an identical design to its silver counterpart, the band is pictured below. The Milanese Loop set currently starts at $149 per band.

Leather Loop, Sport, and Classic Buckle

With only a quick mention, Apple also announced the addition of new Leather Loop, Sport, and Classic Buckle models. What they didn't happen to cover, however, was the amount of new selections to choose from. Today's event brought 26 new bands to the lineup, a surprising figure that remained untouched by Apple.

Leather Loop in storm gray and white

Leather Loop in storm gray and white (View full size)

Leather Loop fans will be happy to see two new colors, storm gray and white, now available for 2-3 week shipping from the Apple online store. Both remain the same price as the other four Leather Loops, each $149.

Sport bands in yellow, apricot, and light pink

Sport bands in yellow, apricot, and light pink (View full size)

Sport bands, which retail for $49, received six new colors, each a part of the spring collection. The new colors include yellow, apricot, light pink, lilac, royal blue, and mint. Each can be purchased today and ship within one business day.

Classic Buckle in blue jay and marigold

Classic Buckle in blue jay and marigold (View full size)

The Classic Buckle, Apple's $149 offering, gained seven new options to choose from. With the addition of white and red, the aforementioned spring collection also made its way to the Classic Buckle with colors such as blue jay, marigold, and storm gray. There is also a new midnight blue option available.

Modern Buckle in blue jay and red

Modern Buckle in blue jay and red (View full size)

In a similar fashion to the Classic Buckle, the Modern Buckle band received three new updates to the line: marigold, blue jay, and red.

Woven Nylon

Woven Nylon in gold/red, pink, and scuba blue

Woven Nylon in gold/red, pink, and scuba blue (View full size)

Matching the price point of the sport bands, Apple's new Woven Nylon bands offer "durable nylon with a comfortable, fabric-like feel." Colors include gold/red, gold/royal blue, royal blue, pink, pearl, scuba blue, and black. Apple claims that each band is made from over 500 threads and that they will fit wrist sizes from 145mm-215mm. Each watch is available to ship within one business day.

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