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App Savvy: The Ultimate Guide To Launch Successful iOS Apps

When Ken Yarmosh contacted me asking to take a look at an early version of his upcoming book about iOS app development, I didn’t really know what to do. I read a couple of iOS-related publications before, but I wasn’t really huge on them. I used to think the most important and useful information about development, marketing and sale techniques could be found on the internet - why would I need a book to learn about the App Store?

Then I took my time to read Ken’s book. It’s not easy for me to go into books these days, as I spend most of time writing and catching up on blog posts. But it was a read well worth it: if you’re looking to get started with iOS development, have already released a few apps or are simply curious about how “stuff actually happens” behind the scenes, go buy App Savvy right now.

App Savvy features a lot of useful content for developers. Lots of advice, in-depth strategies to get your app noticed and covered, interviews with popular developers such as Tapbots and Sophiestication.

But I also like App Savvy because it’s practical. Ken doesn’t waste any time talking about things we already know - if we do, you can stay assured App Savvy offers a different, and more interesting, point of view. App Savvy will help you grab an idea, and turn it into an app. Without spoiling the contents of the book, let’s say App Savvy is the closest to an “iOS development and App Store” manual you can get these days. But like I said, it’s good because it can appeal both developers and bloggers and users willing to know more about the process.

The focus of App Savvy appeals to a broad audience including entrepreneurs, marketers, product managers, designers, and developers alike, across various industries. It’s possible that a solopreneur could use to it help estimate development costs and hire a team. But a developer may also want insight on the business, strategy, and marketing side of apps. Similarly, someone in a corporate setting may look to the book for assistance with concepts like beta testing and how to actually submit an app to Apple.

You can go get App Savvy right now at Amazon ($19.79, paperback) or O’Reilly (ebook, ebook + print bundles available). If you can wait a little longer, you can get the chance to win of the 2 copies Ken offered to MacStories readers.

The Giveaway - U.S. Residents-only

To enter the giveaway, hit the Twitter button at the top of this page before 11.59 PM PDT (October 19th). We will search for tweets and retweets and randomly pick up the winners.

Make sure to follow @macstoriesnet on Twitter so we can send you a direct message with the promocode of the app you won.

If you want to increase your odds of winning, you can also leave a comment to this post. Tell us why you’d like to win a copy App Savvy, are you developer or someone who just would like to know more about iOS development?

Winners will be announced on Wednesday (October 20th).

Good luck!

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