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Angry Birds Update Adds New “Power-Ups”, 15 New Levels

Rovio may have just released Amazing Alex a few weeks ago, but it's committed to bringing more levels to its Angry Birds franchise that continues to be popular. In an update released today, the original Angry Birds game for iOS got 15 new tropical levels that sees the "piggies continue their beach vacation", that is, until the birds show up.

Today's update also sees the addition of four power-ups; King Sling, Birdquake, Super Seeds, and Sling Scope.

  • King Sling upgrades your slingshot for "maximum power and velocity"
  • Birdquake will bring the pigs' defenses "crashing to the ground"
  • Super Seeds will turn your bird into a "pig-popping giant"
  • Sling Scope lets you use laser targetting for "pinpoint precision"

Upon launching the update you'll get 20 free uses of a power-up and each day you get one additional use. But of course, if you can't wait that long there's a bunch of in-app purchase bundles to give you more uses of those power-ups, ranging from a 5-pack of any power-up for $1.99, 10 uses of a single power-up for $0.99 or you could go all in for 125 power-ups for $20.99.

A little side-note, Rovio has now (finally) brought full retina support for the iPad 3 so you can enjoy the game on the wonderful Retina display.