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“Ram, this is Steve”

“Ram, this is Steve”

A developer submitted an app containing private APIs to work around a bug in Apple’s own SDK. The review team didn’t accept the app, so Ram emailed Steve Jobs. A few hours later, Jobs called him:

Steve Jobs has a well-deserved reputation for creating great quality products and for his passion for excellence and user experience. I’ve also read that he is a detail-oriented executive and a hands-on guy who is intimately involved with his company’s work (in a way that few other CEOs are).
His phone-call reinforced those notions and went further to suggest that he was also a very conscientious guy who cared about people. The fact that he took the time to read my email, think about the app and then personally call me was amazing.

The app is now available in the App Store, but no private APIs are being used. Great story.