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“iPhone 5”, “New iPod Touch and Nano” Appear On Apple’s Website

As noted by 9to5Mac, search queries for "iPhone 5" on Apple's website are returning links to press releases and product pages that haven't been released yet. With a media event scheduled for later today in San Francisco, it only makes sense that Apple is getting ready to update its website with information on the new iPhone, rumored to be a major upgrade to the iPhone 4S.

There's been some speculation as to whether Apple would call it "iPhone 5" being the device the sixth iteration, but, at this point, there seems to be little doubt in regards to the monicker chosen by Apple. It could be a well-played "fake leak" orchestrated by the company, but it seems unlikely.

Other search queries for iPod Nano and iPod Touch reveal similar results, with links press releases and webpages not available yet.

This isn't the first time Apple let product names and details slip a few hours ahead of media events. Last October, the "iPhone 4S" name, image, and release date briefly appeared on Apple's Japanese website before they were pulled.

As noted by MacRumors, different search queries are also returning results for a press release called "Apple Unveils New iTunes", dated September 12, 2012.