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USA Today Interviews Jony Ive and Craig Federighi

I found USA Today's interview to be a much better read than Businessweek's. Only Ive and Federighi spoke with USA Today's Marco della Cava, but the interview is full of interesting tidbits, such as the fact that Apple's teams "sat down" to work on iOS 7 in November 2012, or how Federighi describes the thinking behind the new OS:

"This is the first post-Retina (Display) UI (user interface), with amazing graphics processing thanks to tremendous GPU (graphics processing unit) power growth, so we had a different set of tools to bring to bear on the problem as compared to seven years ago (when the iPhone first launched)," he says. "Before, the shadowing effect we used was a great way to distract from the limitations of the display. But with a display that's this precise, there's nowhere to hide. So we wanted a clear typography."

Naturally, Federighi omitted that iOS 7 was also released for the iPad 2 and iPad mini, which don't have Retina displays.

A personal favorite of mine: what Jony Ive drinks during interviews.

Ive rocks excitedly, then leans forward. Could be the espresso he's just set down.