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Ulysses 2.6

Fantastic update to my iOS text editor of choice, Ulysses, released today on the App Store. Version 2.6 adds native WordPress publishing, support for external Dropbox folders, and typewriter/focus mode in the editor, among other features.

I haven’t had enough time to test the beta of Ulysses 2.6 (I’m busy working on a big project in Scrivener), but I want to point out that I’m not going to be switching to Dropbox sync again. Ulysses’ iCloud sync has been rock-solid – I haven’t run into a single data loss/conflict once – and it has the added benefit of supporting notes and images attached to sheets. Dropbox only works with text sheets, and I’ve been relying to the ability to save images inside my text documents for Club MacStories and other app reviews at MacStories. Having image attachments live alongside sheets is what sets Ulysses apart from text editors I’ve used before, and it’s only possible with iCloud.

I’m also going to consider Ulysses’ WordPress publishing instead of my workflow. I like how Ulysses lets me preview a post with custom CSS, and there’s even a way to create linked posts by setting the title at the top of a sheet to a link (it automatically applies a custom field under the hood). It’s incredibly clever, with just the right amount of options to check before publishing.

Ulysses 2.6 is available on the App Store.