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Details About the Apple Vision Pro App Store Announced

A new App Store will launch alongside the Apple Vision Pro, which will include apps built specifically for the headset, as well as iPhone and iPad apps.

According to an announcement on Apple’s developer website, the new store will debut in the visionOS betas this fall, allowing developers to check how their apps run on the Vision Pro via the visionOS simulator. According to the announcement:

By default, your iPad and/or iPhone apps will be published automatically on the App Store on Apple Vision Pro. Most frameworks available in iPadOS and iOS are also included in visionOS, which means nearly all iPad and iPhone apps can run on visionOS, unmodified. Customers will be able to use your apps on visionOS early next year when Apple Vision Pro becomes available.

However, if updates are needed, developers will be alerted via App Store Connect. Apple has multiple ways for developers to check how their apps work on the Apple Vision Pro too:

To see your app in action, use the visionOS simulator in Xcode 15 beta. The simulator lets you interact with and easily test most of your app’s core functionality. To run and test your app on an Apple Vision Pro device, you can submit your app for a compatibility evaluation or sign up for a developer lab.

It will be interesting to see how the Apple Vision Pro App Store experience differs from other platforms.