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Apple Pay and Europe

Kirk McElhearn makes some good points about Apple Pay in Europe:

On its website, Apple touts that fact that Apple Pay will save you time, by not forcing you to search for your wallet and then find the right card. These concerns, too, are specific to the United States. On average, Europeans carry only 1.46 payment cards (more than two thirds of which are debit cards). In the US, people have more than twice as many cards; 14% of Americans had more than ten cards in 2007. Credit cards are much less common in Europe (though adoption rates vary by country), and most people only have payment cards with their banks.

This is exactly why I've been struggling to get the excitement around Apple Pay. Sure, it looks cool, but Passbook was also cool and I never actually used it in a real life scenario in Italy. I've never owned more than one payment card in my life (the one supplied by my bank) and most people I know don't have multiple cards. I've never understood the videos of modern payment solutions showing people fumbling to find their credit card – I have one, and it's not that hard to find in my wallet. We still use cash every day for any kind of purchase, at least here in Italy.

I'm sure that Apple Pay will be easy to use and potentially more appealing than Passbook (especially for online payments). I'm just worried that it's going to be another cool technology primarily meant for the United States.