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Kickstarter: The InfiniteLoop iPad Stand

Designer / Engineer Tim Gushue lives in San Francisco and works in the consumer electronics field. Tim designs products that make sense, questioning what is truly necessary in a product to help solve a problem in a simple and elegant way. He also sounds like an Apple fan, and a minimalist, so many of us can relate to this project called InfiniteLoop.

The InfiniteLoop is a “simple solution to making the iPad truly useful.” It helps improve the iPad’s versatility when reading in bed, watching a movie, sitting in a plane, or doing FaceTime on the go. It was born out of the frustration with not being able to find an iPad stand that could accommodate all uses.

The InfiniteLoop is a maluable 4 foot loop that you can manipulate to virtually any shape to hold up almost any tablet. It’s made up of a patented co-molded metal and plastic band. Since it can be bent into any shape, you can get almost any angle you need, all with this “loop.” It also comes with suction caps and adjustable side slips to allow it to fit any iPad or tablet on the market. When you’re not using the InfiniteLoop, it rolls up into a coil and can fit in your pocket, purse, backpack, anywhere you can think of.

Video after the break.

There is also the MiniLoop, a 2 foot version, for iPhones (or other smartphones). It also comes with suction caps and can be used with FaceTime calls, fitted into your car’s cup holder for using GPS apps, a photo stand and many other uses.

Tim loves the idea so much he brought it to Kickstarter in hopes of getting enough backers to pay for quality production parts, injection molding service and extrusion tools as well. By pledging enough money ($19), you will be preordering the InfiniteLoop at a discount (retail $29.95) and helping launch a “real solution to an everyday problem.” There is also a limited edition sleek black Loop for the proper pledge as well. Pledges start at $1 and go up to $500 or more, see the Project page for more details.

The InfiniteLoop has 54 backers for a total of $3610 dollars. The pledge goal is $27,500 and there are 28 days to go. This is a great idea and I could see myself getting a lot of use out of both the InfiniteLoop and MiniLoop. I think they would be especially great for a vehicle and any traveling. If you’re interested in reading more/pledging, head on over to the Kickstarter Project page.

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