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Angry Birds iPhone Cases Now At Apple Stores

First came the games, then the movie rumors, plush toys, more games...and now Angry Birds are sold at Apple Stores. As iPhone and iPod touch cases. As reported by TechCrunch last week, Gear4 announced a series of Angry Birds-themed cases for the iPhone and iPod touch -- available on the official website at $24.99 -- which feature red and yellow Angry Birds and the green Pig King. They're made out of hard plastic.

I went to the Apple Store (Roma Est) yesterday, and it looks like the official Angry Birds cases are sold there, too. Actually, tons of them were available on the shelves and Apple even managed to put them in a very visible position. As you can guess, many people were checking them out and laughing at them. Not in a bad way -- they're awesome.

Another photo after the break.