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Kickstarter: Taposé - Bringing Microsoft Courier to the iPad

Remember Microsoft’s Courier booklet PC? It was an interactive tablet with dual-touchscreens and folded like a booklet that Microsoft abandoned about a year and a half ago. Well, Benjamin Monnig and Ricky Drake are taking the idea of the Courier to an iPad app simply called Taposé and have launched a Kickstarter project to help with funding.

Taposé brings Courier functionality to the iPad. The creativity, productivity, and attractive user interface merged into one outstanding product. The split interface design (similar to the Courier idea) allows users to interact with multiple apps simultaneously in one app - Taposé.

Kickstarter video and a “How It Evolved” video after the break.

With the split interface you can:

  • Drag and drop from Safari
  • Drag addresses to Maps for directions
  • Drag contacts over collections to share
  • Finish calculations without leaving Tapose
  • Full screen capabilities and more

With the Middle Separation Bar you can:

  • Place images, sticky notes, maps, and more into the middle separation bar which acts as a temporary holder
  • Allows easy organization and movement between pages and collections
  • Slide to adjust the view sizes

Taposé also lets you create a book as well. The app’s design appears to make the iPad function as a physical book, and accommodates what users need. There are functions such as font formatting, free draw, eraser, highlighter, sticky notes, image insert, list creation, and many more. Users have the ability to do anything and everything quickly and creatively.

Here’s the funny skit on how and why the Taposé was developed:

Benjamin Monnig and Ricky are from Seattle and work at Boeing. They build mobile apps in their spare time and have engineer backgrounds. The goal of this Kickstarter project is raise $10,000 so they can take time off work to finish developing Tapose and help it become a fine-tuned iPad app. Their goal is to release the app this summer and they’re looking for more pledges.

The Taposé project has been very successful. 444 backers have already contributed more than the needed $10,000 - it’s now up to $12,325! There’s still 23 days left, so it’s easy to say Tapose has been a roaring success.

If you feel that this is an exceptional project, head on over to the project page and become a backer. A $10 pledge will get you a copy of Taposé one it’s released for the iPad. You can also follow the app’s progress on twitter at @Taposeapp.

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