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DashApp for iPad: Dashboard-like Web Multitasking

We don't know if this is going to be approved by Apple but if it will, things will get interesting. There's been a lot of buzz around multitasking and widgets on the iPad, so I guess it was just about time that someone came up with an idea like this: combining them. Widgets and multitasking, for the web: browsing multiple websites, do multiple things at the same moment without losing the ability to keep everything under control, just a glimpse away. Like splitting your Safari windows to fit half the screen and watching Lady Gaga while watching Lady Gaga. He would approve that.

But anyway, the concept of DashApp is simple: enabling you to open multiple websites at once using the iPhone visualization (thus resembling a widget mode) and multitasking. Updating Facebook Mobile while listening to a song on Youtube. Sounds nice to me, and if DashApp could perhaps use some UI refinements and improvements, no doubt we should expect more stuff like this in the future. Take a look at the video after the break, and follow the developer of DashApp on Twitter to stay updated.