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TodoMovies 2: A Gorgeous Way to Keep Track of Movies You Want to Watch

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Due in part to the frequency I can meet up with friends and get to a movie theater, I inevitably end up with a backlog of movies to watch since I often don't see them until months after they've been released. It wasn't until last weekend that I finally watched The Hobbit for example, both in part to try Vdio and get hands on with Taphive's latest app.

Where Apple's Trailers showcases upcoming films and offers up information on where and when to watch them, TodoMovies 2 is your personal list of movies seen and not yet seen, keeping movies sorted in any preferred order while also offering trailers and additional links to associated goodies like soundtracks. Integrated with TMDb and additionally bringing in ratings from sites like Rotten Tomatoes and Netflix, TodoMovies 2 offers a quick glance at actors and actress, plot summaries, and ratings underneath gorgeous movie posters that shine on Apple's Retina displays.

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Required Reading On App Store Pricing For Developers

Required Reading On App Store Pricing For Developers

The development of an app no doubt involves many tough decisions and trade-offs that you have to make, and one of the biggest will be at what price to sell your app for. To help clarify the important lessons and issues to consider when pricing an app, Michael Jurewitz has posted a five-part series based on his Çingleton and NSConference talks on 'Understanding App Store Pricing'.

I've included below a brief summary of each article by Michael, but it's really no substitution for reading the entire series yourself. It's well written and although at times it covers some moderately complex microeconomic theories, it is broken down in easy to understand language with helpful diagrams and practical examples.