LEAKED: Spotify Plays Your Local Music Library!

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I’ve got a scoop for you guys: I’ve just managed to get a leaked build of Spotify.app for Mac which lets you import and play your local music library.


It’s not fake guys! Here’s the video:

Yeah, you heard that right: you can import your local iTunes / mp3 library into Spotify.

Here are the screenshots:

1Schermata 2009-10-06 a 23.47.41

Schermata 2009-10-06 a 23.48.27

Schermata 2009-10-06 a 23.49.35

Still, I’m not sure if this is just a well done mod (I don’t think so, it’s very difficult to mod an app in this way) or a leaked build, my source hasn’t been able to confirm anything.

Anyway, the build is here, on my Mac.

And it’s working.

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