iOS 7 Confirmed: New Banners Up at Moscone West [Update: OS X Too]

It's been three days since Apple started decorating Moscone West with WWDC 2013 banners, and today the company has started publicly showing off new signage hinting at the next iteration of iOS, iOS 7. In a press release published in April, Apple said developers attending WWDC would learn about the future of iOS and OS X.

Using a very simple layout compared to last year, Apple is simply saying "7" on the banner that's being put up at Moscone West right now. According to speculation from the past few months, iOS 7 will be a departure from previous versions of the operating system in terms of user interface design. After last year's reorganization of the executive team, Tim Cook himself confirmed at D11 that Jony Ive, now head of the Human Interface Group at Apple, has been working on a new "look and feel" for iOS.

Update: Apple has also just started assembling banners hinting at OS X, which, similarly to the "7" banner, simply say "X". The background of the banner seems to depict an ocean wave.

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We’re looking forward to Monday’s keynote, and in the meantime we’ll continue updating our Moscone West 2013 post with great photographs as they come in.

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