Has Apple Really Sold 8.25 Million iPads So Far?

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Some interesting numbers for this slow Tuesday morning: according to the predictions by many analysts contacted by CNN’s Fortune, Apple has sold roughly 8.25 million iPad units so far. Bernstein Research analyst Colin McGranahan told the CNBC yesterday that the iPad has the fastest adoption rate ever, even faster than the DVD player in 1997.

Below are the numbers collected by Fortune:

These are predictions of units sold in Q4. Apple sold 3.27 million units in Q3, and the earnings call for Q4 results is scheduled for October 18th. The predictions above range from Leitao’s (Apple Finance Board member) 6 million to Asymco’s Horace Dediu 5 million units, to 3.8. The general consensus seems to be ┬áthat Apple sold at least more than 3.5 million units in Q4.

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