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First Look: Cloud2go, a CloudApp Client for iPhone

Cloud was one of the hottest app released for Mac OS X last year. Clever marketing techniques (remember the “every Mac user’s wet dream”?), invite-only beta, a great “Raindrops” plugin system: Cloud app quickly became for many the de-facto standard to share stuff on the web. Whether you want to upload and share links, pics, archives or documents, Cloud is perfect: powered by an elegant web view and beautiful short URL (, I’m still using it.

Now you know what’s missing from the Cloud ecosystem: a mobile version. And that’s exactly what Cloud2go is all about: it’s the first unofficial iPhone client for CloudApp.

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Infinifolders: Unlimited Apps in iOS 4 Folders

Available in Cydia at $1.99, Infinifolders is a great tweak by chpwn (developer of Infinidock and Infiniboard) that allows you to bypass Apple’s limitations of 12 apps in a single iOS 4 folder. With Infinifolders you’ll be able to put inside a folder as many apps as you want, choose the color of the scroll bar and even paginate the folder.

It’s a very useful tweak, recommended to jailbreakers.

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Pastebot: Clipboard Savvy Music Syncing

When iOS 4 landed on the iPhone and iPod touch, a lot of people expected there to be this explosion of multitasking applications that would enable us to do things like automatically copy information to our Pastebot clipboard. Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened. Private APIs are still a sorry subject for developers in Apple’s community, so the folks at Tapbots had to get creative. “How do we avoid touching Apple’s Private APIs?” It’s all done through the sound of music. Or the lack thereof.

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iOS 4’s Nasty Calendar Bug

I’m looking out for our calendar users this morning suffering from iOS 4 woes. For those dealing with scrambled or blank events in the list view, iTWire quickly details how the problem may be remedied:

Some solutions are showing up. Our calendar is hosted by Google and uses CalDAV to sync to the iPhone. By going into the account settings and deselecting the “Birthdays” calendars the List View is correctly refreshed. So, it would seem that one of the default calendars created by the operating system is to blame.

Neowin suggests that entries older than six months old are also to blame, so you should archive older entries if you can. Though if you’re connected to an Exchange server, there’s not much you can do to fix the issue other than submit your standard Apple feedback report.

[iTwire via Neowin]