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OpenFeint’s Founder Talks Game Center

TUAW has published an interesting interview with OpenFeint's founder Jason Citron here, where he talks about the future  of the platform and the Game Center announcement.

From the post:

"So why now? "Apple stumbled onto this," he told us. "They were trying to make cool phones, an iPod and a phone coming together. They opened up the SDK, and all of a sudden there were all these games out there, and now it's disrupting the handheld gaming industry." We've seen a few hints, mostly in commercials and rumors, that Apple has been looking at the iPhone and specifically at the iPod touch as a gaming platform, but Citron believes the wind has changed for good. "I don't think they're thinking of it as an accidental opportunity any more. I think they're diving in headfirst."

And considering all the mentions regarding the iPhone (and thus the App Store) being more successful than Nintendo's DS and Sony's PSP as a gaming device, I definitely agree that Apple is seeing this a huge opportunity.