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Coda: A Collection of 120+ Plugins, Clips, Snippets and Tuts For Designers and Developers

I'm quite sure that every Web developer out there who owns a Mac knows / is using Coda.

What's Coda, exactly? As Shawn Blanc wrote in his review back in January 2008:

"Coda is a text-editing, CSS-styling, WebKit previewing, file-managing, FTPing, terminal-accessing, web-site-building and publishing application for the Macintosh."

Now, I've collected 120 of the best resources about Panic's Coda: they include tutorials, clips, snippets, plugins and more.

Do you know other useful tools for Coda? Feel free to share them in the comments!

Coda PHP Toolkit

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- W3C-Validation via Browser

- PHP syntax validation with jump to error

- Use HTML tidy to clean up/beautify HTML code

- HTML Validation

- Strip PHP whitespace and comments

- Use phptidy to clean up/beautify PHP code

- Written completely with Cocoa/ObjC, so it should be fast

- Works with local and remote files

CSS Tools Coda Plugin

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"Basically, CSS Tools brings that functionality to Coda. You’re able to convert a style sheet from single line to multi line and vice versa. You’re also able to compress your CSS if you’d like."

CODA Lorem Ipsum Plugin

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Text Editor Actions for Coda

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"Text Editor Actions for Coda (formerly “Textmate Emulation Actions”, and always TEA for short) is a plugin that emulates some of Textmate HTML.bundle actions."

WordPress Mode - WordPress syntax mode for Coda

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- Autocompletion for WordPress functions and template tags.

- Adds “The Loop” to the Code Navigator.

MooMode - MooTools syntax mode for Coda

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- Autocompletion for Core MooTools functions.

- Adds Classes to the Code Navigator.

40+ Third-Party Coda Plugins

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Coda Assorted Quickies

Evening Tip: 5 Time Saving Coda Features

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Setting Up Your Mac For Local Development Using Coda, WordPress & MAMP

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How to Export or Save Sites in Coda

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CSS Tricks Code Snippets Gallery

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Setting up local Subversion for use with Coda and MAMP

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Adding More Coda Books

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32 Coda Tips and Tricks

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Panic Coda: What's Missing? 19 Free Apps To Fill The Gaps

(View full size)

Tutorial: Use Coda with locally stored Django documentation

(View full size)

20 Excellent Coda Tips

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30 Panic Coda Tips and Tricks

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A collection of Clips for Panic's Coda

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Joomla Coda Clips

Further Reading:

Coda: Integrated Web Development

Coda: The One-Window Wonder

Coda - Daring Fireball

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