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StatNut for iPhone

I'll admit it: I am crazy about the details. I enjoy numbers, statistics, and as much info about my interests as humanly possible. Sometimes I wonder if my brain will collapse with all the data I try to absorb. I'm one of those people who reads the manual every time I get a new gadget because I want to know the ins and outs of how everything works.

Most of us enjoy seeing stats for our social networks; we like to know how many followers, clicks, etc. we have across the Internet. There are a few iOS apps out there that do so, like Ego or Birdbrain, but I'm always curious to try something new. StatNut is a new iPhone app from Shiny Frog and FFFABS that lets you add accounts from many social services and displays them in one easy to read mobile interface. Services include Instagram, Twitter, Dribbble, Facebook, Tumblr, Vimeo and YouTube.

Setup is easy: just enter your usernames and you're ready to go. Once you enter your accounts you can access the settings for each by swiping to the right to reveal an animated gear icon; from there you can change your username or delete the account. Swiping to the left reveals more details like follows, lists, tweet counts, likes, shots, and favorites. A full swipe to the left reveals an animated opening eye, and this will take you to the mobile site of each service except Instagram; StatNut will open the Instagram app if you have it installed.

If you want to reorder the services, simply tap and hold to move them up and down. Some services will let you enter more than one username if you have multiple accounts, like Twitter or Dribbble. We have included a promo video below so you can see it in action.

StatNut is a unique looking app with tiles of pastel colors and a slick icon. The design is nice in that it shows service icons along with a large sans serif font that makes reading the numbers easy. StatNut ran into some issues with their first submission to Apple; designer Fabio Basile told me: "We sent the original build for review, and after 8 days they replied by saying that the app didn't fit the look and style of a typical iOS app, nothing more really. It was upsetting because we spent a bit of time working on it. We replied back with a bumped version number and an email which contained a list of apps that didn't match the typical iOS look and feel. After the new build our app got accepted within the next 48 hours, with no explanation or comments."

One request I immediately had was the addition of more services and I was told by the developers that they are currently in talks with, GoSquared, Google Analytics, and for the near future. If you like keeping stats on your social graph, StatNut is a unique and fun app to have on your iPhone. It's only 99¢ in the App Store, so why not check it out?

The team behind StatNut has provided us with 3 promo codes as well. To enter the giveaway, tweet: "#MacStoriesDeals is giving away 3 promo codes for #StatNut for iPhone".

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